About us - A universe of bright ideas

We're all about making Connections (as it says on the tin!). We're a national organisation linking the many fantastic resources that are available to teachers. And we're a central point of contact for space-related projects, so it's much easier for teachers to access the information and resources they need.

We are also passionate about the opportunity to mine asteroids in order to provide near limitless sources of platinum, gold and other precious materials including diamonds. These would be mined via robots and retrieved back to our planet for use within our society. We recently organised an exhibition to demonstrate the kind of materials which could be obtained, with samples provided courtesy of Tucker Minerals.

pace Connections has links with a wide range of organisations, including NASA, the European Space Agency, Space City in Russia, The British National Space Centre and the Royal Aeronautical Society, to name just a few.

We've taken some giant leaps in the things we've achieved so far:

  • Development of a European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO) for the UK, representing the country at European level.
  • Organisation of educational visits and master classes in the heart of the Russian Space programme. In 2006 we took 50 gifted and talented young people to visit, at the invitation of the Head of Foreign Affairs.
  • Management of the development of the new Yorkshire Planetarium.
  • Mobile outreach facility (The Space Bus) and delivery of inspiring programmes.
  • Working with the British National Space Centre to deliver the new National Space Strategy on education.
  • Management of the support for the national young people's rocket challenge.
  • Writing of a new curriculum for Northern Ireland.
  • Development of 3D educational games to inspire young people.

We're here to open up a galaxy of possibilities for space in education.