Experiences - Reaching higher, venturing further

Space in education can start in the classroom...but that needn't be your final destination.

Space Connections is proud to be forging ahead with awe-inspiring experiences for young learners who are eager to venture outside the classroom...and even outside their own country. Our Russian Space Program is put together with Russian partners, and offers young people the chance of a variety of space-related learning experiences and cultural exploration. Each program is tailored to the needs and requirements of individual groups, but every visit aims to:

  • inspire young people to pursue the STEM subjects at post 16 and beyond
  • highlight possible career opportunities and access pathways
  • offer practical activities to develop academic and personal skills
  • enable collaboration with Russian students in educational and recreational activities to forge international links
  • offer the chance to experience the historic cultural sights of Moscow and other local attractions.

Examples of activities:

  • presentations on a variety of space-related topics
  • cultural visits, for example to the Kremlin, on a river boat trip, to an art gallery
  • cosmonaut training sessions, including imaginative hands-on and paper-based activities.

Our American Space Program is similar to the Russian one, and a Chinese Program is currently being developed.