Lift Off

Lift off was organised as an event using space as the theme to get the City of Bradford, its people, schools, college, university and the young and old, all involved in a project that would celebrate the uniqueness of Bradford but also highlight the importance of our younger generation working hard at school today, for a better future.

To achieve this goal, Space Connections with the support of Yorkshire Forward, invited six NASA Astronauts, who had just returned from a mission to the International Space Station, to come to Bradford and help excite and inspire the young people of Bradford and raise the awareness and importance of science, mathematics, engineering and technology.

When they arrived they were welcomed into Centenary Square by the Lord Mayor of Bradford and over 300 school children. After having a civil reception with the Lord Mayor, the astronauts moved to the Bradford Bulls stadium where over 3000 primary school children had gathered from all areas of the region. The Astronauts gave a presentation on their recent mission as well as answer all the questions the children asked. They also visited Bradford College, Bradford University, Saltaire, Keighley, Thornton and the Yorkshire Planetarium at Harewood House. The entire visit culminated in a Bollywood Banquet, where guests enjoyed a traditional banquet with entertainment from local Bradford group Vogue and traditional Indian dancing.

Since the launch of Lift off, we have had two Russian Cosmonauts, a former NASA Director, Jay Honeycutt, Former astronaut and newly appointed head of NASA Major Charles Bolden Jnr, Astronaut Ken Hamm, Astronaut Trainer Michelle Hamm and the crew of STS119 come over to the UK and carry on the message of Lift off to a wider audience, including Sheffield, Doncaster, Rochdale, Gateshead and more...

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